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The Canoe is a stable and safe boat that allows you to discover, alone or accompanied by a qualified instructor, the thrill of living water.


With GuideMandatory foe children 8 years old

  • Descent 1h30

Whithout Guide :

  • Descent 6 km, 1 hour 
  • Descent 9 km, 2 hours
  • Descent 15 km, 3 hours

In case of exceeding the descent times without guide, the management reserves the right to charge the excess, see the rates HERE.


With Guide : all Materials and Equipment, accompaniment by Qualified Personnel, insurance, transport by Mini-bus to and from the Base at  Alet Les Bains.

Without Guide (rent) include Materials, Transport to and from the Base Alet Les Bains.

For each descent an average sailing time is estimated,                        6 km/1 hour, 9 km/2 hours, 15 km/3 hours. In case of exceeding these average descent times, it will apply the rate of adaptation of descent time display at the reception. 

I can practice if ...

– You will need a towel and to wear old trainers, a swimsuit and old tee-shirt

– All participants MUST know how to swim

  • Alet Les Bains

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Alet Les Bains
  • Afternoon
  • With Guide 
  • Materials provided
  • 30 € for children (8 years)


Alet Les Bains
  • Morning and afternoon
  • Without Guide
  • Materials provided
  • 6 km, 1 hour 


Alet Les Bains
  • Afternoon
  • Wihtout Guide
  • Materials provided
  • 15 km, 3 hours